Is cashmere sustainable?

Whether cashmere is a sustainable fibre of not, is often highly debatable. With overuse and overproduction of cashmere, it is indeed a very valid concern.

However, there are companies who are working for fair treatment of mountain goats and the nomadic herders who move at least twice a year from one grassland to the other. It is their way of life and generations have been herding the cashmere goats and finding grasslands for them. 

Cashmere fibre actually comes from combing the inner coat of the goat that they grow during cold weather and it needs to be combed out as the temperature rises. The fibre is then collected by the local farmers and spun into yarn that goes to different manufacturing companies to make different garments. 

As long as this process stays natural, without harming or exploiting the animal or the herdsmen, cashmere can be considered sustainable. However close monitoring by the environmentalists and government is necessary.


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