Slow Fashion

Along with many other change driven initiatives, Slow Fashion is the widespread reaction to fast fashion. Fashion industries has one of the highest scale of  wastage and over production. Slow fashion is a movement to encourage brands to make clothes that lasts, in contrary to the senseless consumption of excessive production.

Cashmere is natural fibre which is definitely better than the plastic, non-biodegradable materials that are widely used. One of the qualities that is seldom discussed is the durability of the fibre. Cashmere garments or accessories, if taken care of properly lasts a lifetime. Some of the cashmere sweaters, that I still wear are from a decade ago and they still look the same and feel better. You can find cashmere care instructions in our footer.

Along with creating and buying garments of quality and longevity, slow fashion is also about creating and consuming fashion with meaning and integrity. As a company which mainly prioritizes handmade products using minimum automated machine and electricity, we always strive to find ways to minimize negative ecological impact. We produce goods of highest qualities, using traditional techniques. They are time consuming processes as compared to automated machines which produces in much faster speed. We have consciously decided not to automate the production unit so that it doesn't lose the charm of handicraft production methods.

I hope our effort to reduce carbon footprint and produce garments that would last longer will contribute to the environment and the planet we live in. 


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