About Us

Founded by Krishna B Kunwar 40 years ago, now run by second generation, KPA Cashmere is a product of the family's desire to produce a complete range of high quality cashmere woven accessories and knitwear in Nepal. After quickly discovering that the cashmere market is not just subjected to few items, hence, we widened our products from regular shawls to fashion accessories to kidswear within a span of 40 years….

KPA Cashmere has given priority for its image rather than looking at profits and that is one reason it has been a preferred destination for the customers. For us, quality is central to everything we do and by producing only in our own factory to ensure that we source the highest quality yarns from sustainable farms in Mongolia & China and maintain the highest quality standards throughout the production process. Our yarns are natural, pure and sustainable and all the garments are designed and lovingly made with the highest level of skills and care by local artisans who work in clean, safe environment.

Although we have maximum flexibility and freedom to develop new style ideas to keep their brand fresh and to satisfy their customers need, we have managed to infuse both modern sophistication with age old tradition of hand weaving/knitting techniques.  Be it weaving or dyeing, digital printing or frame printing, stitching or finishing every step is handled by skilled staff and under strict supervision of experts, for best results.

KPA Cashmere is not only a brand name for luxury cashmere; it is a source of income for many local artisans in Nepal. We believe “The Strength of Any Nation Is Rooted Within The Walls of Its Homes”, thus we have employed many local Nepalese artisans who are able to help their families, neighbors and build the nation, eventually.